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Online Live Classes – The New Normal

Pandemic and New Changes :

Pandemic has thrown us many challenges. It is still making us wear masks. We are all panicked during the initial days of Covid. But, now we have learned something good from the new changes. Online education has started booming worldwide ever since schools were closed. Teachers looked for alternatives. Software giants came up with educational tools like Zoom, Google Meet. Changes have started taking place early and people started showing interest in online education.

Why Online when we can wait for Offline to be resumed?

Unlike, Offline education, online education is flexible. Be it the technology it comes with or the excitement it brings, Online education has topped the charts in recent times. Campaigners are busy making their online education clients successful. Offline education has seen success during its period. Everyone wants to visit the education center to learn. The emotion it carries, the interest it provides, make offline education prime. But, days aren't supportive for everyone to attend the lectures. We have our fears. So the majority of youngsters or working personalities are choosing Online education.

Online Education: Live Classes or Recorded Classes?

There are two methodologies in Online learning. 1. Live Classes 2. Recorded Classes. Live classes are conducted by trainers in live to bring back the classroom feel. Recorded classes are just made to recheck what has happened during t

he course. There has been a good demand for Live classes. Trainers, Teachers are coming forward to teach online. Recorded classes have advantages too. If classroom teaching bores you, you can opt for recording sessions. In the market, Recording classes come at low prices when compared to Live classes.

So, Why do you wait? Start Learning and make your skills count from Home.

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